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Jingleplayer can mix short audio sequences (also called "jingles") to your music.
This feature is often used for advertising trailers, but this is up to the user.

You can create unlimited number of categories, each category can have 12 jingles.
The jingles can be played by clicking on the buttons or the F1-F12 keys.
If you press the button again, playback stops.

Jingles are played on the standard audio device of the PC.

The software can be folded for normal operation,
only necessary controls are visible (double-arrow button).

In addition, jingleplayer can be connected with MediaArchive functions or fade any other player.
Configurations can be set separately for each category.

Typical settings:
Fadeout before jingle, fadeout to pos 40%, fadein to jingle, 0 ms before jingle end.
Fadeout with Jingle, Fadeout to Pos 0%, Crossfade to Jingle, 5000 ms before Jingle end

64 Bit:

Jingleplayer (Inst.)7.12Download

32 Bit:

Jingleplayer (Inst.)7.12Download

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Jingleplayer (Installation)Download

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